La Fondation Friedrich Naumann pour La Liberté – Formations en Allemagne et e-Learning par Internet

L’Académie Internationale du Leadership à Gummersbach en Allemagne

Pour la formation des cadres ainsi que des jeunes membres d’associations la Fondation met à leurs disposition l’Académie du Leadership (IAL) à Gummersbach en Allemagne. Chaque année, des centaines de participants sont invités à participer dans des séminaires portant sur des questions actuelles et stratégiques du Libéralisme.

Pour plus de flexibilité, la Fondation propose aussi des séminaires par internet, sur son portal de formation à distance « E-Academie » (




Network of Arab Liberals (NAL)

The Network of Arab Liberals (NAL) is comprised of Arab liberal parties and activists in the Arab world. The NAL is committed to the principles of freedom, responsibility, pluralism, tolerance, market economy, civil state and separation of religion from state affairs. The NAL helps its member parties to promote liberal reforms for a life in peace and prosperity in the Arab world.

The Network of Arab Liberals (NAL) supports its members to achieve more democracy, and free and fair elections to overcome authoritarian corrupt behaviour and practices and give the power to the people in the Arab world to participate actively in politics. The NAL knows that true democratic behaviour and rule of law will fend off the danger of extremism and repressive regimes in our region.

The Network of Arab Liberals (NAL) supports its members to fight for private and public freedom. individual freedom. The NAL wants that all citizens of the countries of the Arab world can live without any discrimination and repression regardless of race, ethnicity and religion.

The Network of Arab Liberals (NAL) supports its members to promote market economy and competitive abilities of the Arab world vis a vis the current and future challenges. The network also promotes the inclusion of the economies of Arab countries within world economy, to enable these economies to achieve prosperity and the fairest distribution of national wealth.

The NAL members are upright, brave, dedicated, credible and experienced in all forms of reform in the countries of the Arab world.

With its international ties the NAL is an important factor for defending the Arab world interests in the international community to overcome the unfair double standard oriented behaviour of some international powers.

The NAL invites all liberal parties, institutions and personalities who believe in liberal values and have the conviction to political reform to join or support the NAL to bring peace, freedom, democracy and prosperity to our Arab world.